AntiGravity Yoga is a fusion class of Yoga, Pilates, Dance and aerial gymnastics. It was created by Christopher Harrison and was launched as a class in NYC back in 2007. It was only launched in the UK a few years ago and is only practised in a small number of clubs and studios. So it’s still very much exclusive!!!

The great thing about AGY is anybody can do it. Yes anybody!!

The hammock is completely safe and can hold up to 1000lbs in weight. That’s a small baby elephant!

Pop stars such as Pink and Mariah Carrey have used AGY hammocks on their tours and at the 2010 Grammys. Check out the youtube clip below:

The class starts and finishes with meditation in your womb or cocoon. This way you get to relax, take some time out from your busy lives and do something for yourselves. The class will then include: Yoga Sun Salutations – for you to lengthen, strengthen and breathe. Cardio – for you to lose weight and tone up. Flexibility – for you to stretch and create mobility. Free Swinging – to build on your kinaesthetic awareness and to smile! Also not to forget the best bit of the class: The Inversions! Yes, you will be hanging upside down in your very first class. Woohooo! You will learn to do flips and tricks that you never thought you could do. The best thing about AGY are the benefits:
  • Decompresses the spine
  • It realigns your spine and relieves pressure
  • Difficult yoga poses become possible with use of the hammock
  • Hold challenging yoga postures longer and in correct alignment
  • Build strength and agility
  • Lose weight and tone up
  • Add an entirely new dimension to your Yoga practice
  • Kinaesthetic awareness
  • Build on your flexibility and mobility.
  • You will grow a ¼ inch taller by the end of the class
  • You will leave feeling taller, longer and like you are floating on air
  • It’s great fun!!!

    We are starting with 1:1 AGY sessions in Chartridge, Bucks. Then building to small classes of 4 people in the summer and then come September there will be large class courses for you to book.

    Please contact me on pricing for 1:1. You can also book for the small summer classes.
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