"Ania has been great to train with. Ania has been my personal trainer for 18 months now and in that time we have achieved a number of goals including the following:
  • to improve my core stability to help with my skiing performance - I was so much fitter this year on the slopes.
  • to help me run a 10k race in my target time - personal best achieved and I enjoyed it.
  • to lose my mummy tummy after giving birth to my daughter and lose the baby weight - I'm now back to my pre-pregnancy clothes and better than my pre-pregnancy weight.
  • to recover my fitness after a major ankle injury.
  • to use exercise to help me through a really stressful few months at work.
    Next challenge is to get fit for a half marathon - I've never done anything like this before but I know I'll have a good possibility with Ania helping. I would also recommend Ania for her understanding and flexibility and that I can get hold of her by various means."

    - Jo Bello, Coleshill

    "With only four months to prepare for a gruelling international motor sport event, it was absolutely necessary for me to achieve all round fitness. Building strength and increasing stamina was essential for me to be competitive. After assessing my key areas requiring development, Ania carefully prepared a programme of exercise to address my needs. Within a couple of weeks, the routines became easier and I physically felt more energetic and generally healthier. I could not have achieved my racing success (two trophies), without the planning, commitment and motivation that Ania provided; I cannot recommend her highly enough."

    - David Gower Poole, Bourne End

    "Powerplate was seen as a great opportunity to try and keep fit, as I have no time for the gym but enough time at night to veg out and watch the soaps on the TV. Despite me being somewhat apprehensive of a new format of exercise, I have felt comfortable throughout and Ania has been amazing. As a personal trainer Ania is great with the encouragement and humour to keep it fun and not a chore, but the discipline not to make it too easy without feeling uncomfortable that I am not as strong as I would like and sometimes have waning levels of stamina."

    - Johnathan Bean, Uxbridge

    "Having had a very good experience of personal training after my first baby I wanted to venture down the same route after having my second baby. Having not exercised properly for at least 6 months I really wanted to get back into training and start loosing my 'baby' weight again. My sessions with Ania were really fun and she took the training at my pace whilst pushing me during each session. My motivation for exercising has really come back and I've nearly achieved my goal after only 3 months. I would recommend personal training with Ania to anyone."

    - Hannah Marson-Day, Winchmore Hill

    "Powerplate is not at all what I originally thought it would be but I have been amazed by what you can do on it. Naively, I envisaged that you more or less stood there and let it do the work but it is so much more and after a half hour session my body feels like it has had a full workout! Currently only doing one session a week I can see a difference but I probably need to do more or combine it with other things. Ania is very friendly and professional, subtly making you work harder without you realizing. I would certainly recommend her to anyone."

    - Alison Edmonston, Bourne End

    "I am not a morning person, so I didn't know how I would cope with PT at 6.30am. I am also very self-conscious about my lack of fitness and my weight gain since I had my baby. However, Ania made it totally bearable by being so pleasant, encouraging and positive without being in any way fanatical or judgemental. I felt very relaxed with her. I particularly enjoyed the variety of different exercise techniques which she managed to introduce into the sessions - it prevented any boredom from creeping in! I will definitely be scheduling in another block of sessions, and would highly recommend Ania to my unfit friends and colleagues."

    - Shelley Rahman Haley, Amersham

    "After just having had a baby and having done no exercise in a long time I was a bit worried about getting back into shape. Ania made things very easy for me and was really great to work with. Her experience meant that I didn't over do anything - but she pushed me just enough to make sure I was working hard. I would thoroughly recommend her as a personal trainer."

    - Alexandra Blades, Hazlemere

    "I contacted Ania with an unusual request – I wanted to add some muscle to my frame and had no idea of how to do it. Within our sessions, Ania looked over my diet and gave me great information about how to train effectively. We worked over a range of muscle building techniques, as well as using the powerplate. I now have much more confidence when it comes to training and, in the two months I have been working out, have seen really positive results! Not only is she a consummate professional, but she is also incredibly personable and friendly! She made the training fun, even if my thighs were killing me the whole time! I can not recommend Ania highly enough – whatever your fitness goal, I can’t imagine she won’t help you reach it!"

    - Rebecca, Buckinghamshire.

    “Ania represented my first experience of personal training and what an experience it was. She has a small but well equipped gym at her house in Amersham with a running machine, spinning bike and the amazing power plate. For me it was important to be pushed along the exercise path and Ania was able to do this in a firm but encouraging way. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone from beginner to exercise veteran”

    - David Owen, Little Chalfont

    "I used to really and truly dislike exercising and hated gyms. I figured out I needed a personal trainer to motivate me. I had 10 sessions with Ania. In a short space of time she managed to completely turn around my attitude, which I thought was impossible. She was always enthusiastic, made the exercise fun and because it was so varied, I was never bored. Each hour went really quickly and after a few sessions I started really looking forward to the next one. She also made sure I got exactly what I asked for – more toned arms and stomach and got more fit overall. She also is a lovely, bubbly person, very friendly and I felt at ease with her from the start. I would very much recommend her."

    - Marta Kruczynski, Great Missenden

    "I have always done a lot of exercise especially in the gyms and in classes, even though I felt fit, I was not really achieving my goal of losing the baby weight despite a lot of effort. Ania came to my house for my PT sessions and I found that I could step my exercises up a level at a convenient time. I feel fitter than ever and thankfully the weight started to drop off too! A great result! Ania was always friendly and professional and offered a varied PT session with different activities at each session to push me even harder. Thank you Ania, you are a STAR!!!"

    - Sophie Brampton age 38 - mother of 3 & working part-time as a physiotherapist

    "Ania is a very likeable young woman who really knows her stuff. She will work you very hard and will provide a tailored and varied programme of training to suit the individual's needs. I would recommend her"

    - Deb O'Shea, Amersham

    “Ania really kick started my health and fitness regime again after a long period of ‘doing nothing’. I really enjoyed the diversity of the sessions and learning new things. Ania took account of my likes and dislikes and created a varied programme with fast and slow exercises - the hour always went very quickly. Ania is very friendly and encouraging and I would certainly recommend her.”

    - Jill Burton, Berkhamsted

    "I have known Ania for approximately 5 years. Initially I attended her weekly Body Pump classes at Nexus Leisure in Amersham. Ania is a friendly and conscientious instructor, who watches all the class attendees and ensures that we complete the exercises correctly in order to avoid injury. However, she is very discreet if she has to speak to someone individually and she is extremely approachable if one has questions or queries."
    "Two years ago I began working with Ania on a personal training basis. I knew Ania was a keen runner and I needed help increasing the distance I run, while avoiding injury. She was really excellent, encouraging me to go a little further each week and in the end I achieved my objective. I can honestly say that I wouldn't have had the enthusiasm or motivation to do it without her."

    - Brenda McPolin, Little Chalfont

    "I have been using Ania as my Personal Trainer for the last two years after a long period of inactivity. Having turned 40, but still thinking I'm 18, I wanted fast results. Ania has helped me build my fitness quickly but safely. She is very patient, highly technically knowledgeable (unlike many gym staff) in how to do exercise properly, is hugely professional, engaging and fun. She creates various routines that keeps things interesting and has been happy to work at a pace that works for me. I'd highly recommend PT with Ania!"

    Ania Gabb Classes
    "I have used Ania for PT for two years. After chatting about her classes I decided to try her Bodypump class. I was a little reluctant at first knowing there would be regulars who would be much fitter. Ania is so clear in her guidance and demonstration I soon felt comfortable and have benefited hugely. Problem is the class is so popular due to Ania, it's always a challenge to get a space - I'd definitely recommend!"

    - Andrew Kirby, Amersham
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